Wynwood, Miami will be hosting the first ever anual Tattoo Arts Convention and we will be a part of it.  Wynwood is already an international trademark for Art and a hotspot for artists from all around the world hosting Art Basel and year long galleries and creative enterprises and independents.

Now, Tattoo artists from all around the globe will come together under one roof in the Mana Wynwood Convention Center on November 10 to 12 of this 2017.  A Taste of Life has been invited as the official Art into Fashion partners.  We will be taking some of all that incredible designs from selected Tattoo Artists and translating them into an exclusive collection which you will be able to purchase at the event and on our Gallery.

We are in the process of selecting the artists!  Meanwhile why don't you take a look at the general information about the event here: Miami Anual Tattoo Arts Convention.

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