Cheers and Welcome!

As we were telling you, our urban anthropology lab has been doing some research on cultural impact around the web and social media.

We have invited you because we see your talent and potential for a relationship with our brand.

Here's who we are.  This is our brand.

Now, this is what we need:

1- We need to sell products.  Each sale's profit is shared with the artist.  We are a completely pro-culture, pro-talent brand.

2- We need assistance with the branding of the selected artists.  We know they have talent, they need a push, and a global audience.

3- We need to create a relevant global community out of the A Taste of Life brand.

As an influencer, what would you need to help us achieve our objectives?  If you fill out this form, you will help us, hence helping our community of artists and talents and we can start working together. We will get in touch with you once we review your submission.

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Thank you and cheers!

A Taste of Life | Gallery

This is our product gallery... we call it a gallery because every product comes from an actual, authentic work of art. Check it out: