The Company

We are an independent project gallery for independents and about independence.   We serve as a channel between artists, scientists, designers and humanists in general who have taken to their task impacting culture and lifting spirits.

We have designed and developed a particular process of branding and marketing for individuals and groups who have achieved high value in their work, yet lack the time or knowledge to take their message to the people who want it and need it.

The Brand

A Taste of Life – art into fashion

A taste of life is a cool new American-based project where art turns into fashion. With the help of two online platforms, cool hunting, independent artists and unique fashion items will revamp any wardrobe. In the world of mass market productions and uniform looks, here is where you can let your personality shine with one of a kind or limited edition items. is the community oriented side for all creative artists out there looking to promote their fashion conception. addressed all the consumer’s needs by offering eclectic apparel and accessories. This family-owned enterprise wants to curate local and international goods under one gallery of fashionable art. They want to make a home for indie artists from all over the globe to share their business in the digital world.

In simpler words, A Taste of Life is a project promoting global diversity. They go around the globe in search of fun and creative art to offer to you. But they also help talents convert their art into fashion items to make a living. It's a win-win situation for all three parties and it’s the beginning of the end of only seeing art in museums.

A taste of life – behind the scenes

The creative team behind A Taste of Life has more than a century experience in the textile industry and market research. They’re an American family of globetrotters, having researched many independent artists from all over the world – starting with the US and Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru and Venezuela, and Europe specifically in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, to name a few.

Because of this research in different countries, they have stumbled upon a lot of exotic artists that haven’t reached their full digital potential.  Many creative pieces go unnoticed by the majority of fashion aficionados and that’s where A Taste of Life comes to change things. With these two platforms you can travel the world with one “click” and buy things which will soon become staples of your wardrobe.

You can discover a message from a Latin American artist or colorful copies from the Middle East on a single page, without having to upgrade your passport. You can change your wardrobe, make special gifts and also promote local artists. The ATOL team will also guide anybody who wants to be part of the artists’ community and start making their work global!

The answer for talent and value in fashion

A Taste of Life is the answer for where does talent and value meet in a fast forward fashion world. Many people don’t have a lot of time to browse around in search of exotic artists or the means to travel to not-so-common places.  But ATOL, by bringing together the best of textiles and independent artists, offers quality and culture in the online world.

Besides cultivating taste and uniqueness, these platforms will also offer rural and urban artists a way to make a living promoting their art. Each piece has a story and every artist leaves a piece of his soul in their creations. It’s the right project at the right time, when you should invest in a manner that is more personal.

A Taste of Life is a fashion platform where entrepreneurs, brands and customers will find their needs met. Customers will see it’s easier to get to know different cultures through fashion art. Artists will turn their name into a brand. The creative team will meet their target of changing the way people shop by offering their decade-long research on human societies and cultures.

Be part of the development. Join the cultural movement!

Next Steps...

If you need a team and a media to make your project globally visible, we'd be more than glad to work with you.  Contact us!

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