The Life-Sense Essence Project by Plastico presents:

A Post Modern Dissertation About Time is a perfectly orchestrated representation of the importance of time as a powerful tool to reclaim control over our mind, body and soul.

It’s a wonderful chance to wonder why we focus so much on how time it’s easily wasted or how fast it flies by, it’s also an opportunity to remember that time defines and measures our existence on earth and that is both an amusing and even slightly frightening thought.

Now we must ask ourselves, have we ever thought about why time seems to be such an important matter to focus on?

This project serves as an invitation to do so and it’s filled with paradoxes, questions of atemporality, the context of time, our consciousness and the possibility to transcend, it is an experience that goes beyond the music, able to answer multiple questions about time and even making us question ourselves on how effectively we invest each and every second we got in the quest for our higher selves.

Infectious melodies go hand in hand with empowering lyrics, that’s precisely why the music here serves as the perfect soundtrack for anyone who is feeling caught up in the rat-race, it’s a cry for revolution and change: a light waking us up from the sometimes self-inflicted snooze, the voice guiding our conscious self thru a path of self-discovery and self-analysis.

As we step into this realm of consciousness it’s easier to understand how necessary it is to question what surrounds us and be able to challenge our minds in order to step out of the box for a while asking ourselves if we are ready to embrace the knowledge that The LifeSense Essence has to offer.

This album as a whole fills us with questions but encourages us at the same time to find the tools we need in order to get all the answers.

It’s not difficult to see the aforementioned thoughts on liberation and freedom uncovering an everlasting journey of self discovery that helps this experience come full circle.

Every detail serves as an effort to empower the concept behind it as a whole, an open conversation on freedom of will and stepping away from the status quo.

If you listen to the futuristic but yet familiar sound that The LifeSense Essence project has to offer you’ll realize that there are endless possibilities in a world where we seem to be surrounded by too much noise and too little information, this is a ground-breaking and innovative way to revolt against the norm, taking us back to what started important movements in history and helping others shape their own personal revolutions. If you think about it, music has kept social issues company throughout history in a never-ending cycle, that is why it’s amusing to find unique voices that can soothe our concerns and help us take a step forward for what we believe in.

Because we are the leaders of our own personal revolts and first commanders of our senses it is important to support and share this kind of ideas: that’s why it’s so interesting to see all these thoughts reflected on music, when we understand the power of the message behind it it’s like connecting dots and finally seeing the big picture.

And I have to say: it feels absolutely liberating, after all if you wanna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk and what better way to take your first steps into the calming waters of your own power than by supporting Plastico’s vision thru this wonderful project?

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That’s why, in collaboration with The Lifesense Essence Project, we created a line of t-shirts that go beyond just being fashionable items, it explores all the aforementioned questions that this album brings up thru colorful graphics that perfectly evoke that sense of freedom that is so deeply rooted in A Post Modern Dissertation About Time and you can check it out right here

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